1. Kimberly Frost Photography.  Interior design by Geraldine Duskin of Ghostprint Gallery.  

  2. New Work! With model Courtney Hoff. Makeup by Victoria Berkeley. Hair by Sakia Jones Epps. Nails by Keta Jackson of A Dezinerz Edge.

  3. Photo © Kimberly Frost 2014.  Model Courtney Hoff.  Makeup by Victoria Berkeley.  Hair by Sakia Jones Epps.  Nails by Keta Jackson of A Dezinerz Edge.

  4. © Kimberly Frost 2014.  Dark Beauty

  5. © Kimberly Frost 2014

  6. @ Kimberly Frost 2014.  Garnett Jewelry.  Model: Rachel Faulkner

  7. Unpublished from FOR ALL TIME lookbook for Need Supply Spring 2012.  Photo Kimberly Frost

  8. Half of a bridal editorial I shot in 2009 for Bride Magazine.  Planning to wade into the wedding industry in 2014.  Looking forward to the hustle and challenges of location work.  

  10. New Editorial for Dark Beauty.  Photo kimberlyfrost.com, Stylist Farah Alimi, Hair Elijah Greene, Makeup Jessica Morris, Model Alexis Babiarz @ MMG NYC